Daniel and Beth


Originally we wanted to start a coffee shop to create a local place for us to hang out and connect with others in the community. We were thinking fancy drinks like lattes and frappuccinos. We then looked further into the craft of coffee. When Beth bought the first bag of green coffee from Panama to roast in the skillet, we tasted for the first time the true beauty of freshly roasted coffee. We now only drink our coffee black because we don't want to miss any of the unique flavors!


Our first standard for coffee was born. Freshly roasted coffee is our motto and once you have had your favorite coffee fresh, it will be your motto too!


The Coffee

Mexican Chiapas: City Roast

Mexican Chiapas: City Roast

But our journey had still just begun. We needed help learning more. After years of research and making connections, we were finally introduced to Passionate Harvest Coffee. They have been an awesome source and are aligned with our vision of finding coffee that puts back into the communities it comes from while holding a high standard for quality in flavor.

You can check out Passionate Harvest Coffee's vision for what they do here: Our Vision

Our Location

Rio Rancho at Sunset

Rio Rancho at Sunset

We are located in the beautiful town of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Our roastery's elevation is 5,250 feet high (just 30 feet shy of a mile) giving us a unique roasting profile from our coastal friends. The higher elevation has been said to help roasters develop flavors in the roast without baking or scorching the coffee beans. I'm still looking into that theory but so far our coffee roaster is putting out a great cup! Rio Rancho has been our home for over 2 decades and the birth place of our 4 daughters. We love Rio Rancho and are excited to begin our new venture here!