Harrar Ethiopia

Ready for brewig!

The other awesome part about this coffee is that our green coffee provider, Passionate Harvest Coffee, acquires it through Dominion Trading, LLC who works with the Ethiopian farmers to build a thriving coffee economy, build up the community, fund medical aid and improve the conditions of the coffee and farmers. It's exciting for us because this is exactly what we envisioned for our business when we first started. We didn't just want to get good coffee and have no relationship with the growers. We wanted to somehow be connected to the farmers and know that our dollars were going to a cause, not a commodity! 

If you would like to try some we have 8 oz and 16 oz sizes available on our site! Or you can visit us at the Los Ranchos Grower's Market off of Rio Grand.

Harrar, Ethiopia

We have been loving one of our newest coffees from Harrar Ethiopia! It is absolutely delicious! 
The coffee in it's lighter American roast has a blueberry and dark chocolate profile. The aroma reminds me of a blueberry muffin! As you go darker the blueberry starts to fade, but the dark chocolate intensifies. We just finished a Vienna roast and it smells like fresh brownies!!

I'm tasting them both side by side and you can smell and taste the fruity notes throughout. Absolutely a must if you like tasty coffee!

Burlap bag from Dominion Trading, LLC

Burlap bag from Dominion Trading, LLC

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