Just Getting Started!

Welcome to the blog! We are just getting off the ground with the business side of Oval Dogs Coffee but we have been roasting for almost a decade! When we first started out, we wanted to build a coffee shop just for a cool place to hang out. Since then we have learned so much more about the coffee industry and our vision has moved way beyond the coffee shop! So here are some of the things we want to share with you through this blog!

  • How coffee gets it's names, flavors and certifications.
    There are a lot of things that get put on a label, some of them are specific to the coffee shop and others are known by everyone in the industry from the pickers to the baristas. Most of it is really interesting! Some of it is kinda weird!
  • The people behind the coffee!
    Who grows it? Who picks it? What's Fair Trade? How does it get to your local coffee shop? There are a lot of people between the ground the beans grow out of and the grounds in your brewer and that is one of our favorite parts about being involved in this industry!
  • The ministries and missions!
    One of the reasons we went from a coffee shop minded company to a coffee roastery was that we found out a lot of coffee comes from unethically sourced farms. We wanted to be another resource for coffee shops, churches and businesses to get good fresh coffee and know their dollar is going to people that care about their workers as well as the workers themselves. But that's not where it stops! A lot of our farmers are missionaries. Their profits go towards helping their communities, build orphanages, water wells and more! We are working with Passionate Harvest to source our green coffee and work with some of the most amazing farmers in the world!
  • Health benefits and detriments.
    Coffee is ether known for being really unhealthy or a super food. The fact is that it can be both depending on what you do with it. It can cleanse your liver or fatten it up. It can give you a boost or further your unbalanced sleeping pattern until you are a walking zombie. Being educated about all of this has helped put my mind at ease so I can enjoy a beautiful cup. I believe knowing what coffee can do can have it's biggest and most powerful effect on an unbalanced and overworked society. 
  • Our Coffee!
    Of course if you are following this blog you will be up to date on our most recent orders and offerings as well as knowing what we are up to in our community of Rio Rancho, NM. We will be at farmers markets and local events! SO EXCITED!

Thank you for checking out this first post. I hope I was able to show you a glimpse of the vision we have for this business and for this community! In the next post we are looking forward to introducing you to an all woman co-op in Rwanda that has been rebuilding its community through the coffee industry!