Where Are We Located Anyway?

We have some exciting announcements about future locations and new farmer's markets!


Currently we do not have a storefront. So you can't visit us just yet but we are at the Los Ranchos Grower's Market every Saturday until November. Our roastery is located in Rio Rancho but currently they do not have a farmer's market. We are hoping to help get our own farmer's market going later in the season or more likely next year. Finger's crossed!

Now for the exciting news!

We weren't sure where we would be or how fast our business would grow when we first started. There are always a ton of unknowns when you start a business. Part of it is that you don't do enough research, part of it is that you don't know the right questions, but one thing is certain: if you wait till you have it all figured out you are taking too long. We have been planning our launch for eight years so I think we have already waited long enough. Sometimes doing something is the only good next step... and in our case it has been amazing!

Currently we are delivering coffee to some of the fire stations here in Rio Rancho, they were very welcoming and loved the fact that they would be supporting local business as well as getting their coffee delivered instead of having to go out and purchase (email us if I haven't connected with you yet! ovaldogs at gmail dot com). A few churches have also started ordering and some business are talking to us about having it delivered to them as well. However, there are just some things we can't do in our current state. Two big problems are we can't sell to coffee shops or restaurants. So we are looking to expand into a building that will allow us to do so in the next couple of months! 
That means we are hopeful that you will be seeing us on a menu near you or in a grocery store around October!! We have already talked to a lot of people that are just waiting for us to have everything in order!! 

As soon as we sign some contracts we will let you all know where the roastery will be!

All of this has been so encouraging because a month ago we had no consistent customers. We weren't even sure if we could get into a farmer's market. At this last week's farmers market we had so many people saying how much they loved our coffee and have been drinking it for the last few weeks. One guy told me it's the only coffee he has been drinking since he tried it! My mind was blown! I mean, I love my coffee, but I'm bias. It's so encouraging to find others that love it as much as we do!

Here is to many more great roasts and to all the amazing farmers that grow the beans!

Daniel SanchezComment