New England and American Roasts

A few days ago I had a friend ask me to roast him some light coffee. I think he was a little burnt out on the French roast.. and yes, I worked really hard on that pun. He wanted to taste all of the bean and so I decided to go to the New England roast and the American Roast to see which one he liked. 
Now you might be wondering why these coffees have their names and why America has two roast profiles named after it. Well, the history behind it is exciting!

New England

Just after the 1st crack. Green notes like black tea. Full of flavor from country!

So roast profiles were named after the countries that prefer them. Italy liked theirs as dark as possible (basically burnt but I'm not judging), France just a little bit lighter and England drank tea. Wah Waaah. Which is why they don't have a profile named after them.

New England also loved its tea but at a certain point they had a run in with England who had the monopoly on it. You know what I'm talking about. Out of this a few drinks sprouted! Root beer, Ginger Ale, and for all those addicted to caffeine the sole reliance on coffee. After the Tea Tax and the Boston Tea Party, coffee became the patriotic drink and in New England they liked it light. If you try it out it can take some getting use to, but I understand its appeal for a country that was stripped of its tea. It very much has that dark tea taste and at this state so much flavor! 

American Roast.jpg


Slightly darker. Less grassy notes. Full of flavor!

The American Roast is just slightly darker and may have been what cowboys and ranchers were drinking. Sometimes referred to as a breakfast roast but we like the country names because we love history!
Just some inside baseball talk, both of these roasts are within the first crack when the sugars start to caramelize but before they take on a smokey profile.

I normally roast to "city roast", a well developed roast with strong caramelization, so if you are interested in trying the New England or American roast, be sure to add it to the "Special Instructions to the Roaster" form at check out. We deliver or you can pick up at the Los Ranchos Grower's Market (map below). 

Also! Be sure to catch us at the Rio Rancho 4th of July parade at City Center! We will be handing out our city roast.. I know, after all this patriotic talk, but at least its a neutral sounding roast! We are very PC ;D

Happy 4th everyone! And drink that all American drink!