Ethiopia, Harrar 350g (12.3oz)

Ethiopia, Harrar 350g (12.3oz)


One of our most intense coffee. Harrar has been winning awards and making a splash. It has an unmistakable blueberry aroma and taste. When ground we can't help think about blueberry muffins. Absolutly delicious with sweet pastries, we highly recommend drinking it with your morning waffles or pancakes!

1450 meters

From Our Provider: [These] coffees come through our relationship with Dominion Coffee Importers, you can read more detail about their work under the Nehemiah Coffee Project.  In short, Dominion uses a portion of their profits into the New Covenant Foundation, (their non-profit) that works directly with villages in the areas of basic health needs, sanitation, etc.  The resources also support native church planters who have been trained and equipped to go out into these remote areas and start churches.

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