What does OvalDogs Mean?

It means good coffee. 

Where do you get your coffee from?

Right now we are working with Passionate Harvest Coffee to source all of our coffee. It comes to us green and then we roast it to the desired darkness! Learn more about them here: http://www.passionateharvest.org

What is your STRONGEST coffee?

That's a hard question to answer because people have different opinions on what strong is. If you are asking for more caffeine than our Ethiopian Harrar in an American Roast is our best bett. If you are talking intense bitterness that comes from dark roasts than either the Mexican, Chiapas in Vienna Roast or the Ugandan in Vienna roast. 

How long have you been in BUSINESS?

July 2017 was our break out moment but we have been roasting since 2009.. I think. We started in a cast iron pan and moved up to a BBQ roaster. Now we are in the process of getting a US Corp Roaster!!! So excited!!

Why Ovaldogs?

Because we like it!

Is your coffee Fair trade Organic?

Yes! 100%