Osaka Metal Filter

We really like this cone because of it's fine mesh filter. A lot of metal filter will let too much coffee get through the mesh for our tastes and muddy up the cup but the Osaka filter keeps a lot of the particles out while letting the more of the oils through than your traditional paper filters.

Clean up by hand or dishwasher but make sure to do a thural job rinsing out the grounds or they will clog up the mesh.

Over all we give this product a 8 out of 10 marked down because the metal seam looks like it could come off after a while. It hasn't failed us yet other than clogging when we don't clean it good enough.

We don't recommend the decanter because it is a very thin glass that we broke within a month and our friend broke in about the same amount of time. For that we would recommend the Chemex or Hario.

Daniel SanchezComment