Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder

I have used this hand grinder for years. The ceramic burs have held up to some very light roasts and have kept a pretty consistent grind. It is also a really light and simple grinder so I always take it camping and on trips. The finer a grind the more consistent it gets. The more coarse grinds usually end up being more varied. 
If you are looking for something to get you through some hard times I highly recommend this grinder.

Scoring: 8.2
Ease of use: 10
Durability: 8
Fine Grinds: 8
Coarse Grinds: 5
Cleaning: 8
Price for Quality: 10

I originally bought it so I could use my parents Mr. Coffee espresso machine. It didn't work out because the espresso machine was total garbage. It had been sabotaged by my parents extremely hard well water. The grinder has done well though and I plan on doing a video on using it with a professional grade espresso machine in February 2018 so look out for that! 

Daniel SanchezComment