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FResh Roasted, Mission Minded


So what's in the cup?

Coffee doesn't live in a vacuum.. I mean.. it does sometimes but that's not what we're talking about. From the time coffee sprouts it is nurtured and loved by so many different people. Each person that interacts with it is important in the process of making a great product.

Every kilo of coffee we purchase gives back to the community it comes from in big ways. Sometimes that means helping with diseases like HIV-AIDS. Sometimes it means helping build schools and clean water wells. It always means building up the communities that need it most!

Excitingly, the cause in the cup is also moving coffee from a commodity to an artisanal food. Our friends at Passionate Harvest Coffee and Onyx are always looking for great coffee so that we can provide flavorful and delicious coffee alongside our mission to build up communities. It's a personal dream for Beth and I to be doing so much with our humble roastery business and we are excited to have such great partners to help us do it!


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